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Plastic Building  Materials

Hebei Trico offers a full range of the construction plastic concrete accessories. 

1. Plastic Spacers

Our Plastic Spacers include the Rebar Wheel Spacer, Rebar Chair Spacer and Ladder Spacer. The material of the Rebar Spacers are PP. Various sizes and features are available for your choice. And OEM design is acceptable.

2. Plastic Rebar Safety Cap

It is designed to protect the workers during fix the panels. There are different types of the Plastic Cap available by Trico. Such as Mushroom Rebar Cap, which is very popular. It is also can be OEM designed.

3. Concrete Hydrophilic swelling Water-stop, PVC Water stop, Swellstop

It is a butyl polymer based sealant tape. Swellstop is a water-swellable, waterproofing sealant designed for use on many types of poured-in-place and below grade precast concrete applications. On exposure to water it will begin to swell to seal any exposed gaps in concrete joints. Swellstop has excellent adhesion to clean, dry concrete. It is specifically intended for non-moving joints. It features all weather application and is engineered for use under most temperature conditions. Swellstop stays flexible in cold weather without shrinking or hardening and does not require heating for application. In hot weather, Swellstop remains pliable and does not become spongy. 

4. Scaffolding Safety Net

It is made of high density polyethylene is widely used in the construction sites, which helps prevent the workers and building materials from falling down and avoid possible harms to the passing pedestrians caused by the falling materials.Plastic mesh can be main used in oil, chemical industry, aquatic breed, back cushion of car, simmons mattress, trampoline safety Nets, air conditioner wire mesh, anti-bird mesh and anti-gnat mesh, stop burn wire mesh and road bed mesh. Our heavy edges extruded plastic mesh with 17mm-20mm mesh opening is the best suitable for tree guards, which in rolls of 1.0m × 50m and 1.5m × 50m.

As mentioned, all the plastic building material can be OEM designed. Hebei Trico has been in the building material producing and supplying market for more than 20 years. Our main market include US, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Malaysia, Philippine, Korea, Mid-East and etc,. Welcome to contact us for details and cooperation.  Working with us, make your effort more benefit!

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