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Steel Formwork System

This system is used for concrete wall formwork. Euro Forms, X Flat Tie, Wedge Pin are main parts. Steel Ply Forming System is very popular for wall concrete construction. Conveniently located handles make set up, stripping and handling easier.With proper care contractors can expect that forms will be able to be reused up to 200 times before plywood needs to be replaced.Compatible with all other industry standard modular handset systems.

Euro Forms has different size welded by f steel profile including 600*900mm, 600*1200mm, 900*1800mm and etc.

1. Flat Tie has different length according to wall thickness. We supply American X Flat Tie and Korean Flat Tie.

2. Wedge Pin has different length and shapes. American Types include Short Wedge Bolt, Standard Wedge Bolt, Long Wedge Bolt and Adjustable Wedge Bolt. Korea Type Wedge Pin is 79mm.

3. Other Accessories include Hooks, Aligner Turnbuckle, U Clip and etc.

Plywood Snap Tie System

Snap Tie has short end(4-3/4”) and long end(8-1/4”) with plastic cone or steel washer. Different length supplying based on wall thickness.

Steel Wedge is used with snap tie to lock lumber.

Jahn Clamp has A Clamp and C Clamp for choosing.

Other Accessories include Z Tie Holder, Ply Spacer and etc.

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