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Hebei Trico is major in offering the Scaffolding Accessories.


Frame scaffolding normally is made of 42.7×2.4 mm tubes and 25.4×1.65 mm tubes. It is a kind of light duty scaffolding and easier for moving. And a standard set of Frame usually has 2 pieces of welded main frames, 2 pairs of cross braces, and 4 pieces of joint pins. The caster wheels can be installed at the bottom of the frame, so Frame is also a type of mobile scaffolding, which can be moved easily.

RingLock system

It includes the Ringlock Rosette, Ledger blade and End, Bottom Cup and Top Cup.

Scaffolding Couplers or Scaffolding Clamps

Drop Forged Coupler-- The Drop Forged Couplers include Swivel Coupler ( Swivel Clamp) , Double Couplers (Double Clamp), Putlog Coupler (Putlog Clamp), Beam Coupler (Bean Clamp), Gravlog Coupler (Gravlog Clamp), Inner Joint, Sleeve Coupler (Sleeve Clamp).

Pressed Scaffolding Couplers. ( Pressed Scafffolding Clamps).-- They are normally known as BS Type Scaffolding Clamp, Japan Type Scaffolding Clamp and Korea Type Scaffolding Clamp.

We also offer casting Scaffolding Couplers. But it is not used widely as the two kinds before.

Other Scaffolding parts

Such as Catwalk (Scaffolding Plank), Joint Pin, Lock Pin, Cross Brase , Caster, Base Jack and U-Head Jack and etc,. As known, there are so many accessories for the Scaffolding. 

Working with us, make your effort more benefit!

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