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What is aluminum formwork system?

Aluminum formwork is called aluminum alloy formwork for construction. It is a new generation of formwork system that emerged after wooden and steel formwork. This system has been developed and successfully used worldwide to form cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures. With our aluminum formwork solutions, all building components can be cast in one operation, including walls, floors, columns, beams, stairs, window hoods, balconies, etc.

Hebei Trico supply complete formwork systems, including steel formwork system and plastic formwork system.

The advantages of aluminum formwork systems?

- Short construction cycles.

- By implementing daily work cycles, we achieve high productivity.

- High reusability.

- Wide range of applications for the construction of various residential and commercial buildings.

- High strength and stability.

- Remarkably, the aluminum formwork formwork system can be installed by unskilled workers without the need for lifting cranes.

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