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Wall Concrete Form Tie System

Form tie system is widely used in the construction industry, due to its fast and easy assembly and removal of the need for temporary formwork. The system prevents breakage in the formwork and thus keeps concrete structures in good shape. It also saves construction costs, as all parts are reusable except for the separator (inner unit) which is cast into the concrete structures.

Form tie system contains different types: Form Tie B Type, C Type, BC Type and D Type

1. Form Tie System B Type consists of B Form Tie 2pcs, B Inner Unit 1pc, B Cone 2pcs, Rib washers 2pcs and Hex Nut 2pcs.

2. Form Tie System D Type consists of D Form Tie 2pcs,D Inner Unit 1pc, D Cone 2pcs, Rib washers 2pcs and Hex Nut 2pcs. 

These hardware for form tie are mainly delivered to Southeast Asia, like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc. We Hebei Trico supply all these hardwares.

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