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Hebei Trico’s Tie Rods

Formwork tie rod is one of the most important accessories in a poured wall project. We Hebei Trico supply different types of concrete tie rods, including the Hot Rolled discontinuous thread tie rod (with the breaking load of 180kn) and Cold Rolled continuous tie rods (with the breaking load of 140kn). 

The concrete tie rods are used with various formwork accessories in concrete construction. Both the hot rolled and cold rolled the tie rods are able to work with formwork wing nuts, concrete anchor nuts, hex nuts, connection nuts, washer plates, formwork wedge clamps, formwork spring clamps, water stopper/water barrier nut, combi plate nut, plastic cones, plastic tubes, etc.

All of these items are popularly used for concrete formwork & shuttering systems, including wall formwork, column formwork, slab formwork, beam formwork, etc. 

If you are on market for formwork tie rods and the related formwork accessories, welcome to contact us. OEM is available as your requirement.

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