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The tie rod is one of the most important accessories in a poured wall project. All form tie rod is widely used in concrete formwork, including wall formwork, column formwork, flat formwork, beam formwork, bridge formwork, etc.

We produce high quality formwork tie rod for your building.

The formwork tie rod system is used in concrete construction together with formwork accessories. The well-made ties can be used with formwork wing nuts, concrete anchor nuts, hexagonal nuts, formwork wedge clips, quick clips (spring clips), water stops, combination plate nuts, forming straps, plastic (PVC) and steel cones in the tying system, and concrete ties can be used with both D and P cones.

If you are looking for formwork tie rods, please choose us, we produce various types of formwork tie rods, including different materials and different types to meet your different construction requirements.

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