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Construction Forming Wall Tie

Snap Ties are manufactured with integral heads, and Metal or Plastic Form Spreaders. Snap Ties are designed to easily tie lumber forming systems. Snap Ties have a nominal 1" breakback. Each Tie incorporates an anti-turn device in order to properly break after use.We have Long End, Short End, and Odd End Snap Ties for plywood forming. Available with 1″ x 1″ cones (plastic),  washers (metal) and water resistant seal options.

Nominal Wall Tie or Full Wall Tie is used for fixed the America Aluminium Formwork. The main parts to fix the formwork include the Wedge and Pin. There are three kinds of Pins to be chosen. One kind is the Flat Head Pin, the second is the Round Head Pin and the third one is the Combo Filler Pin. There are two different kinds of Wedges to be used. One is the Flat Wedge and another is the Curved Wedge. 

Conefast Coil Ties are one of the most economical and versatile Form Tie Systems. They are commonly used with self cleaning Coil Rod or Coil Bolts/ Bolt Coil Tie. The Conefast Coil Ties have extended coils that protrude beyond the end of the struts allowing for a Conefast (Screw On) cone to be attached. The main parts are Coil Tie, Bolt Coil Tie, Coil Tie Cone.

We Trico Wall Tie have been exported for 20 years. We equipped perfect production and testing system . We offerd excellent after-sale service.

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