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What is Aluminium Formwork

The full name of aluminium formwork is aluminium alloy formwork for construction. It is a new generation of formwork system after wood formwork and steel formwork. Aluminum formwork is a building formwork made of aluminum alloy, also known as aluminum alloy formwork. With a complete set of universal accessories for use. The aluminium formwork system can be assembled into frames of different sizes, which is convenient for construction and use.

Aluminium building formwork has been widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as buildings in emerging industrial countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, and India. The application of aluminum formwork system in the construction industry has improved the construction efficiency of housing construction projects, including a lot of savings in building materials and labor arrangements. If you are in the construction industry, then Tricos' aluminium formwork systems are ideal for you.

What is Aluminium Formwork

Advantages of aluminium formwork

1. The construction period is short, the aluminum formwork system is a quick-release formwork system, and the normal construction of a set of formwork can reach one floor in four days.

2. About 80% of the modules in the aluminum formwork system can be recycled in multiple projects, saving costs.

3. The assembly of the aluminum formwork system is simple and convenient, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

4. Good stability and high bearing capacity. The bearing capacity of most aluminium formwork systems can reach 60KN per square meter, which is enough to meet the formwork bearing capacity requirements of most residential buildings.

5. Wide range of applications. Aluminium formwork is suitable for the use of walls, horizontal floors, columns, beams, stairs, windowsills, floating boards, etc.

6. There are few joints, high precision, and the concrete surface effect is good after the formwork is removed.

7. It can keep the construction environment safe, clean and tidy.

8. Recyclable and renewable, in line with the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon.

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