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PVC/PP Hollow Plastic Formwork Board - Reusable over 60 Times

Plastic formwork can be used for steel ply forming/aluminum forming to replace plywood board and other metal formworks.

New type plastic formwork sheet for concrete has many advantages

1.Waterproof--Hollow plastic formwork is weather resistance, rain and shine are no longer an issue.

2.Light Weight--Plastic formwork is lighter, easier to carry and release worker from heavy labor. Manual operation, no crane required reducing 20% labor cost than plywood.

3.Surface does not require maintenance--High pressure water jet flushes surface of the plastic template, but metal formwork requires surface maintenance

4.High Workability--User-friendly, work well with saw, nail, drill, cut, etc. Compatible with other materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, etc.

5.High Temperature Resistance--The material is polypropylene, the melting point can be as high as 167℃. PP vicat softening temperature of 150℃.

6.Cost-Saving--One set plastic formwork can finish whole high building 2×35Floors, save 60% total budget than plywood and metal formwork

New design round hole plastic formwork board - Best Choice

1. Triangle type setting--Stable structure makes formwork more durable and stronger 

2. Cross layout structure--Increasing the contact area with the nail and the friction, and enhancing the nail holding force 

3. Internal tree structure--Dispersing the bearing capacity of the surface to make board stronger 

4. Round hole design--Reducing the thermal expansion and contraction

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