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Anchor Nuts for Metal

Anchor nuts for metal are also called disc nuts, tie nuts, and nut plates. Anchor nuts are self-twisting and self-locking nuts used in closed or space-constrained areas. Provide permanent nut elements on the inside of the joint so that access panels, fairings or other elements can be screwed on. Anchor nuts provide the most practical way to attach inspection panels, doors, panels, or any component that must be secured with fasteners secured in blind spots. Nuts are riveted or spot welded at the screw receiving locations, thus providing the best solution for blind spot tightening. The sturdy, vibration-resistant attachment is quick and easy to make, but easily removed when necessary.

Metal anchor nuts are used when hexagonal nuts or connecting nuts cannot be used. Trico has different standard anchor nuts for use. Using our anchor nuts can achieve permanent fixation.

Anchor Nuts for Metal

How to use metal anchor nuts?

The anchor nut plate is spot welded or riveted to the screw receiving locations prior to final assembly. The mating panels are aligned and driven with screws. The nature of the single thread speed nut indentation allows for slight misalignment and absorbs tolerance build-up where multiple fasteners are required on a single unit. These lightweight, high-strength fasteners are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet a variety of assembly requirements. For more information on stock metal nuts, please click Contact Us below.


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