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PVC Plastic Formwork
  • PVC Plastic Formwork
  • PVC Plastic Formwork
  • PVC Plastic Formwork
  • PVC Plastic Formwork
  • PVC Plastic Formwork
PVC Plastic FormworkPVC Plastic FormworkPVC Plastic FormworkPVC Plastic FormworkPVC Plastic Formwork

PVC Plastic Formwork

Product Introduction:

What is PVC Plastic Formwork?


• PVC Plastic Formwork is a new type of plastic formwork.


• It has the same sizes and applications as plywood formwork, but with much better performance. In wooden structures, it can be reused at least 50 times. In premium structures which provide good protection for the formwork panels, it can be reused many more times.


This new PVC Plastic Formwork is in accordance with the world trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.

• Energy-saving with its environmental protection and economic with its cyclic regeneration, this product is gradually replacing traditional formwork materials.

Product Details

PVC Formwork Characteristics and Advantages

Save Cost by Reusing 50+ Times!

PVC Plastic Formwork can be reused ≥ 50 in plain wooden structures, and many more times in premium metal structures. This means the lifespan of 1 piece of PVC Plastic Formwork equals that of 5~10 pieces of plywood formwork.



No wood powder or any material from different resources is added so the PVC Plastic Formwork is anti-flaming. This effectively reduces the fire risk and limits the spread of fire. There is no need to implement additional fire precautions and protection measures on the site.

PVC Plastic Formwork

PVC Formwork Board Specification

SizeWeightpackaging20GP Quantity40HQ Quantity
If Special Sizes need, please contact with us!

Why Choose TRICO for PVC Plastic Formwork?

Advantages 1: 100% New Pure PVC Material—No Recycled Material

As mentioned, adding any second-hand, recycled PVC material will lead to unqualified UV Resistance in PVC plastic formwork, especially in heavy UV areas including USA, Europe, South America, Oceania, Africa and some Asia areas.


Advantages 2: Best Nail Holding Strength

Even if you nail less than 5mm from the edge, our product will still hold the nails well with no cracking. This is also because we use 100% new pure PVC material. With this unique advantage, we can control our PVC Plastic Formwork to have the best tenacity and rigidity.

Advantages 3: Weight and density

Our formwork weight is 37.5±0.5, others are about 35-36kg, density is 0.7, Strict raw material technical and density control ensures the weight of our products.

Advantages 4: No Lower Tolerance

Our formwork thickness is no lower tolerance, we use enongh raw materail during the production.

PVC Plastic Formwork

Advantages 5: Release Agent Free

Our PVC formwork surface is as smooth as mirror, no need to use demoulding agent which save the construction cost.PVC Plastic Formwork

Advantages 6: Mass Production Capacity

Our current daily production capacity is 12nos of 40HQ, and monthly production capacity is 350nos of 40HQs, being able to meet different clients’ urgent and larger orders.PVC Plastic Formwork

Testing report for our PVC plastic formwork






static bending intensity




elasticity modulus




alkali resistance

No bubble, no cracking

No bubble, no cracking


charpy impact strength




Maximum load retention




Water absorption rate





Variation Rate Of Heating Sizes




Vertical: -1.05%



FR performance



Besides, our samples are available upon request,and you are welcome to visit our factory if available.

PVC Plastic Formwork

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