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Formwork Industry Market Analysis

Apr. 16, 2019

Plastic and steel, wood and cement are collectively called the four building materials. Building formwork market demand is increasing year by year, every year nearly 220 million square meters of bamboo/wood are used to produce template.

The shortage of wood source lead to import timber price rising. Besides, the wooden formwork is not recycled which causes  a large waste and operating cost of construction.

Formwork Industry Market Analysis

 Plastic building formwork is a kind of energy-saving and green environmental protection product, pp plastic combined with macromolecule nano-technology. It is a new product after wood formwork, composite steel formwork, bamboo-wood bonding formwork and all-steel large formwork. It is energy saving and environmental protection,and can completely replace the traditional steel formwork, wood formwork, square wood, What's more, its amortization cost is very low.

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