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Formwork Formtie System Concrete Construction

Mar. 29, 2024

Form Tie System is widely used for wall concrete formwork, as it allows fast and easy assembly and removal of the need for formwork. The system prevents breakage in the formwork and keeps concrete structures in good shape. All parts are reusable except for the inner unit which is cast into the concrete structures. This system includes B Form Tie System and D Form Tie System.

B Form Tie System

B Form Tie (Fine Thread)180mm, 210mm, 250mm100pcs/carton
B Form Tie(Coarse Thread)180mm, 210mm, 250mm100pcs/carton
Inner UnitWT100, 200, 300,400,500,600,etc.50pcs/bundle
B Cone
3/8*50mm, 3/8*55mm, 3/8*75mm400pcs/carton
Hex nut1/21000pcs/carton
Flat Rib Washer50*100*2.5mm, 50*150*2.5mm100pcs/bag (Carton Support)
3 Shape Washer125mm100pcs/bag

Formtie System Concrete Consturction

D Form Tie System 


D Form Tie200mm, 225mm,250mm,300mm,etc.50pcs/bundle
Inner UnitWT100,200,300,400,500,600,etc.50pcs/bundle
D Cone1/2*40mm200pcs/carton
Hex Nut1/21000pcs/carton
Flat Rib Washer
50*100*2.5mm, 50*150*2.5mm100pcs/bag
3 Shape Washer125mm100pcs/bag

Formtie System Concrete Consturction