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Hebie Trico Main Supplying

Dec. 19, 2020

Tips: During special period, please take care! 


1.Scaffolding Couplers: Drop Forged Coupler, Pressed Coupler

2.Ring Lock Systems: Round Ring, Ledger End

3. Scaffolding Safety Net


1.Tie Rod Systems:  Tie Rod,  Combination Nut (Combi Plate),  Wing Nut, Tie Nuts,  Steel Cone,  Water Stop, Hex Nut, Waler Plate

2.Form Tie System: B/D Form Tie and Cone

3.Formwork Clamps: Formwork Clamp/Spring Clamp,  Clamp tensioner

4.Aluminum Accessories: Wedge Bolt,  Wall Tie,  Flat Tie,  Standard Pin,  Hook Set,  U Clip,  Standard Wedge Pin

5.Plywood Forming System and Accessories: Snap Tie, Steel wedge, Jahn Clamp, Flat tie, Turnbuckle 

6.Steel Prop 

Plastic and Rubber Fittings

1.Plastic Spacers

2.Hollow Plastic Formwork

3.Rubber Water Stop

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