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Hollow Plastic Formwork Into The New Favorite Of The Construction Industry

Sep. 17, 2019

Waste plastic recycling cycle can be used to make  building templates. However, building templates made of wood and bamboo can not  be reused and waste wood resources. In today's environmentally conscious, it is  an inevitable trend to replace wood with plastic, which not only saves 15% of  the overall cost, but also 100% recycling. Reuse to protect the  environment.Nowadays, new Hollow Plastic Building Formwork have become  the focus of the construction industry.

Plastic Construction Formwork

Plastic Construction Formwork 

With the advancement of technology, reinforced  concrete has gradually become the main building material of modern architecture.  However, in the process of concrete pouring, the building formwork has to be used. In recent years, Plastic Construction Formwork  has been  greatly developed in China, and it has been widely used in construction  engineering and bridge engineering, and has achieved good economic and social  benefits.

The hollow plastic template has many advantages such  as light weight, high impact strength, convenient assembly, high turnover rate,  acid and alkali resistance, no cracking, wide board width,sawing, nailing, and processing into any length. Pastic Formwork Board  is an energy-saving  and recyclable green environmental protection product, which not only meets the  requirements of construction technology, but also increases the number of  turnovers and saves wood resources. Colleagues have also reduced the capital  investment of construction units and gradually become an alternative steel plate  and bamboo wood. New template for sheet metal. At present, some financial  companies and large enterprises have begun to understand and pay attention to  the plastic formwork market and have already contacted and intend to enter the  production leasing model. The production enterprises are engaged in the leasing  mode and the aluminum frame combination leasing mode according to the  requirements of high standards and high quality, and the prospects are very  good.

In the next 3-5 years, some large plastic formwork  companies will develop and become leading enterprises, and the market's  preference and acceptance will be higher and higher. At present, some tenders  have already indicated the use of plastics. template. China has continuously  increased its protection of the ecological environment and has stopped  commercial logging of natural forests. At the same time, the state actively  advocates the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and green  building. It is inevitable to promote the use of green materials such as plastic  formwork in the construction field. "To replace wood with plastic" is not only a  slogan, but also an important measure to respond to the country's efforts to  strengthen ecological civilization.

In the context of rapid social progress, the market  size of plastic building templates in the construction sector will only grow  larger. And with the increasing demand for formwork in the construction  industry, reliable plastic building templates have gradually replaced  traditional templates, successfully catching up with the golden opportunity of  development. It is precisely because of the environmental advantages of plastic building templates that they can now be promoted to build a  conservation-oriented society and become a new generation of “darlings” in the  construction industry.