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How to Save Materials For Building Templates Used In Building Construction?

Jun. 23, 2020

There is material spoilage in the use of Plastic Formwork For Construction in many construction sites. How much will be ruined once? The following introduces show you how the construction and application of Plastic Formwork can achieve more material saving?

When using steel tubes as supports and crossbars, it is necessary to move around, plan and calculate carefully. When the steel tubes are long and short, they must meet a certain engineering modulus and be constructed according to the detailed structural height and scale of the building template project. According to the characteristics of this project, the top brace poles are mainly 2.1m and 1.2m and 0.9m poles, which can effectively improve the power of the surrounding materials.

Plastic Hollow Formwork

Plastic Hollow Formwork

In the Plastic Formwork System, the boards are carefully arranged according to the drawings, and each board and beam are jointed as little as possible. It shall not be torn or hit by heavy objects on the placed molds at random; the backs shall be stacked and classified, and shall not be blocked, sawed or cut at will. The template removal fasteners shall not be thrown at random. The remaining fasteners and nails of the device should be put into a special backpack and retrieved as required, and they should not be thrown around.

Remove the formwork and lift it to the place where the formwork is stacked according to the mark. The formwork maintenance personnel shall sort out, and re-mark the formlessly marked formwork; do careful maintenance to extend the use period. The removal of the formwork shall be carried out in accordance with the operation requirements. It is forbidden to pry, smash, and pry off in a large area.