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In What Ways is the Plastic Building Formwork Better Than the Wooden Template?

Jan. 06, 2021

Today Plastic Formwork System Supplier will introduce to you the advantages of plastic construction formwork over wood formwork.

1. Environmental protection and energy saving

Plastic building template: it is a composite material extruded at a high temperature of 200 ° C, and is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly green building material product. It is produced from recyclable plastics and can be reused more than 50 times, and after use, the factory will fully recycle it, including all scraps. For the engineering party used, it can not only share the cost, but also effectively protect the environment, and save the construction waste cleaning costs generated by the treatment of formwork.

Wooden formwork: taken from the forest. During the booming period of the construction industry, a large number of wooden formwork were used, and the damage to forest resources was amazing. After 5-10 uses, they can only be scrapped.

Plastic Building Formwork

Plastic Building Formwork

2. Lightweight, safe and fast

Plastic Building Formwork: The formwork has a complete installation method, and construction workers will be trained in standardized system installation so that they can strictly follow the construction of the system and perform their duties step by step without wasting labor and material costs. In addition, the formwork is very lightweight, and the use of plastic building templates has basically no safety hazards.

Wooden formwork: rough workmanship, chaotic assembly process, no systematic installation method, construction workers assembled according to their feelings, relocation in some places, wasting manpower and material resources; the installation process may be due to the material characteristics of the wood itself, if you do not pay attention, you may Construction workers cause injuries.

3. Reliable quality

Plastic construction formwork: Plastic construction formwork is a composite material extruded at 200 ° C high temperature. It has high impact resistance and corrosion resistance, is not easily deformed, and will not deform after rainwater immersion without affecting construction progress.

Wooden formwork: not resistant to wear and corrosion. Rainwater erosion and high temperature and low temperature will affect its use, especially after rainwater immersion will cause cracking and other damage, which will not only increase the use cost and affect the construction schedule.

4. Turnover rate

Plastic construction formwork: The formwork turnover is more than 50 times, and the construction efficiency of the same workload is several times that of the wooden formwork.

Wooden template: The turnover rate of wooden template is about 5 to 10 times. And it must be ensured that it is used in normal weather. If it is exposed to sunlight or rain for a long time, its turnover will be reduced.

Of course, many people will ask, since Plastic Formwork has many advantages over wood formwork, why are there more applications of wood formwork and Aluminium Formwork than plastic formwork in China? Let us look at two very important issues. Plastic building templates are a new type of building materials that are insufficiently promoted. There are few people who understand plastic building templates, and most of them dare not try to use them, so there are not many people who naturally use them. On the other hand, at first glance, it seems that plastic construction templates are much more expensive than wooden templates. The current market price of wooden templates is between 40 and 50 yuan, while the price of plastic construction templates is about 150-160 yuan, which is about wooden templates. Three times. But in fact, because the turnover rate of plastic building templates is about 5-8 times that of wooden templates, the actual cost of using plastic building templates can save about 30 ~ 40% than the actual cost of wooden templates, and many construction units only care about once Sexual investment is large without paying attention to the total cost savings, so not many people use it. However, as a new green and environmentally friendly building material supported by the state, plastic building templates will eventually replace wooden templates in the future.