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Popular Scaffolding System Ringlock Scaffolding Accessories

Feb. 27, 2024

Ringlock scaffold is a new type of scaffolding system, is after the cuplock scaffold upgrade products.When installing, you only need to align the crossbar joint with the chrysanthemum disk position, and then insert the bolt into the chrysanthemum disk hole and through the bottom of the joint, and then hit the top of the bolt with a hammer, so that the arc surface on the crossbar joint and the vertical rod are closely combined. The disc scaffold system has the advantages of multi-function, less structure, convenient construction and disassembly, high economic efficiency, more convenient and faster use, large bearing capacity, safe and reliable.

Popular Scaffolding System Ringlock Sacffolding Accessories

1. Usage

Ringlock scaffolding has a wide range of uses, and is generally used in the support design of viaducts, tunnel engineering, factory building construction, housing construction, storage shelves, basement construction, and overpasses.

Popular Scaffolding System Ringlock Sacffolding Accessories

2. Main accessories

Generally, the ringlock scaffolding consists of vertical posts, horizontal ledgers, pin and cross brace. Each accessory can have different product sizes and specifications according to different needs.

----Vertical Standard

The vertical standard is welded with rosette and steel pipe. It’s material is Q235 steel. Length ranging is from 0.2 meters to 3.0 meters. The surface is generally hot-dip galvanized, dipped and painted.

 ---- Horizontal Ledger

The standardized self-locking pin design is adopted, and the ledger joint is particularly dependent on the arc manufacturing of the pipe. It is in frontal contact with the steel pipe of the vertical standard. After the pin is tightened, it is stressed at three points and can be firmly fixed. With automatic professional welding process, the length ranges are from 0.3 meters to 3 meters.

Popular Scaffolding System Ringlock Sacffolding AccessoriesPopular Scaffolding System Ringlock Sacffolding Accessories