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What Are The Precautions For Using Plastic Templates?

Mar. 24, 2021

As the advantages of plastic formwork are gradually recognized by everyone, more and more people are starting to buy plastic formwork and use it as the main building formwork material. Everyone has a good understanding of the advantages of plastic templates, but they do not understand the precautions in the use of it. Now the Plastic Formwork Supplier is coming for everyone's science.

Plastic Formwork

Plastic Formwork

Should pay attention to when using:

1. When cutting, please use tungsten steel saw blades of 80 mesh or more (commonly known as alloy saw blades, which are sold in general hardware stores);

2. The vertical spacing of the pillars is ≤100mm, the spacing of the vertical wall of the shear wall is ≤130mm, the spacing of the wood of the roof is ≤200mm, and the spacing of the beam of the beam is ≤200mm;

3. Please avoid the mold at the highest temperature every day, so that the effect will be better after demoulding;

4. When assembling the poles, beams, and corners of the wall, please use the over-packing process to match the mold;

5. The new plastic formwork is placed in the same way as the wooden formwork after demoulding, and should be placed flat to prevent deformation due to uneven center of gravity;

6. When using the plastic formwork for the first time, the first-line construction workers should be trained in the necessary skills and skills to change the adaptability and habits of the new products. This requires Party B to implement it in place; (like the habit of using steel templates. The process of the same as the wooden template, this is a process of change and adaptation, this is an indispensable process, please pay attention.)

7. Plastic formwork is not flame retardant like wood formwork. Please strengthen the management of the construction site, especially to prevent electric welding and open flame. Please strictly follow the safe operation rules of electric welding and equip with effective fire-fighting equipment to prevent potential safety hazards.

8. In order to better use the Plastic Construction Formwork, when welding the near-distance construction, the board surface should be protected with scrap wood or wet cloth on the formwork surface to prevent the electric welding slag from scalding the board surface.

In addition, how to solve the problem of edge wear in plastic templates:

It is inevitable that some problems will be encountered in the use of plastic templates. For example, after repeated use, there is wear and tear around the periphery, which will have some impact on the number of times the template is used. So how do you properly use plastic templates to circumvent these problems?

1. When using the plastic template in the wall part, try to use the combined template to assemble the large template. After use, it can be removed as a whole without damage to the edge of the template. At the same time, the template of the same type of building wall is as uniform as possible, thus reducing the frequent disassembly and increasing the number of uses.

2. When using the plastic template, the beam and column can be customized to the manufacturer in advance, so that it can be used without cutting. Or a combination of a plastic formwork and a wood formwork, a corner change, etc., where a cut is needed, using a cheaper wood formwork instead.

3, Of course, in addition to this will encounter other factors that are not considered thoughtful, but even if there is damage around the plastic template, we can also cut the template to wear the place, so as to ensure normal use.

The above is the problem you should pay attention to when using Plastic Templates. Have you learned? In addition, if you have a need for plastic templates, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of plastic templates, as well as plastic construction accessories such as Concrete Plastic Spacer, welcome you.