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Safety Knowledge for Scaffolding

Apr. 13, 2020

The quality and stability of the scaffolding directly affect the safety of the construction workers. In order to ensure foolproofness, in addition to the quality-assured scaffolding, the "treasure" of the dozen or so scaffolding listed by the Plastic Formwork supplier below is also very important. Read it patiently.

1. Scaffolding for multi-story and high-rise buildings should be prepared with special construction technical solutions; floor-type steel scaffolding above 50m in height, overhanging scaffolding, door-type scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, attached lifting scaffolding, hanging baskets Scaffolding, etc. should also be designed and calculated specifically (calculations of bearing capacity, strength, stability, etc.).

2. The operators who build and dismantle the scaffolding must be specially trained and certified to work.

3. Scaffolding materials, building fasteners, and shaped structural accessories such as Scaffolding Couplers should meet the quality standards set by the state. It should be inspected and accepted before use, and it is not allowed to use if it does not meet the requirements.

Scaffolding Couplers

Scaffolding Couplers

4. The scaffolding structure must be erected in accordance with national standards and design requirements. Set scissors braces and tie knots with the building according to regulations to maintain the allowed verticality of the frame body and its overall stability; and tie up protective facilities such as protective railings, standing nets, pocket nets, etc., and the rack boards must be laid tightly. There are probe boards and gap boards.

5. Scaffolding shall be inspected and accepted in sections to ensure compliance with quality and safety requirements. During construction, inspections shall be conducted regularly and irregularly (especially after wind, rain and snow), and a strict management system for scaffolding shall be established.

6. After the installation of the attached lifting scaffold has passed the initial inspection, it shall be inspected by a special inspection department, and the use certificate shall be issued before use.

7. The attached lifting scaffold must have safe and reliable lifting equipment and safety devices such as anti-fall, anti-overturn and synchronous early-warning monitoring. The vertical support main frame and horizontal support frame of the steel structure must be welded or bolted. Do not use buckles. The pieces are connected to the steel pipe. It is necessary to uniformly command the lifting of the frame body, strengthen inspections, and strictly prevent hanging, resistance, impact, and tilting of the frame body. In case of danger, stop and investigate immediately.

8. Floor-standing steel pipe scaffolding should be set up in two rows. The cross-section of the vertical pole joint is staggered by one step. The root is placed on a long pad or support, and the sweeping rod is tied according to regulations. The ground supporting the pole should be leveled and tamped to prevent overhanging of the pole due to the sinking of the foundation.

9. The cantilever beam at the bottom part of the cantilever scaffolding should use profile steel. The cantilever beam should be firmly supported on the beam surface or floor with embedded retaining rings that meet the requirements. Pull the wire rope as part of the unloading device.

10. The hanging frame scaffold should use a fixed frame hanging frame. The hanging basket components should be made of steel or other suitable metal structural materials. The structure should have sufficient strength and rigidity. The lifting hanging basket should use a controlled lifting brake device. And anti-overturning device qualified lifting equipment; operators must be trained and certified to work.

11. The cantilever transfer platform used in construction shall be designed and calculated. The platform must not be attached to the scaffolding to force the frame body and must be set independently; the suspended cable stayed wire ropes on both sides of the platform should be stressed with the building tie; the platform load should be strictly limited.

12. All lifting equipment and concrete pump pipes should be effectively isolated from vibration and vibration prevention measures in use to prevent the scaffold from being unstable due to vibration and impact.

13. When removing the Scaffolding Framework, safety measures should be formulated and accounted for. The connecting wall poles must not be removed first, and they should be removed layer by layer from top to bottom in order. A guard area should be set up at the scaffolding site.