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Snap Tie and Wedge

Jan. 20, 2023

Snap Tie and Wedge--Widly Used and Convinient

The fasteners that secure two opposing sides of a formwork box, wall or other concrete component requiring a form. The Snap Tie is designed to be installed at an on center spacing, and is designed to withstand the lateral forces of wet fluid concrete within the formwork. 

Snap Tie and Wedge

Snap Ties come in different lengths dependent upon the application. The snap ties, upon removal of the formwork, can be snapped off and will snap, slightly under the surface of the concrete. This creates a small dimple affect, that can be later filled with masonry, and rubbed down to eliminate the distortion of the concrete surfaces due to the use of the ties. 

Snap Tie and Wedge

Snap ties make the installation of concrete formworkand the subsequent removal extremely easy and efficient. The forming of a one sided wall requires another type of tie that can either be a snap tie, if so designed, or a custom built tie designed specifically for this one sided application. The use of threaded rod is a common solution for this type of wall tie and together with structurally designed accessories, will function as the structural tie for this type of wall. 

There are several manufacturers for snap ties and the type of formwork being used will normally influence the type and manufacturer of the snap tie utilized.

Snap Ties are manufactured with integal heads, and metal or plastic form spreaders.

Snap Tie and Wedge

Snap Ties are designed to lock the Lumber or Plywood formwork easily. Snap Ties have a nominal 1" breakback. Each Tie incorporates an anti-turn device in order to properly break after use. Long End, Short End and Odd End Snap Ties for Plywood Formwork is available.

Material of the Snap Tie is Carbon Steel.

Heat Treatment to improve strength

Galvanizing/Painted to provide limited corrosion protection

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Main Market: America, Europe