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The Commercial Value of the Hollow Plastic Board

Jun. 12, 2024

The Commercial Value of the Hollow Plastic Board is Irreplaceable

The idea of the Green Earth is more and more popular with the rapid development of the city construction.That makes the recycled material developed very fast in recent years.How to save the resources in different ways is coming into a hot topic.The construction formwork plays a very important role in the modern building. We have to try our best to find it’s potential in the environment protection and resources saving.Hollow Plastic Formwork Boar, as a typical product that which using the plastic material to replace the wood, is not only solved the problem of the lacking of the forest resource as well as the white pollution but also bring more profit for the economy and society. It becomes the first choice for more and more construction site. We will learn what is the different of commercial value between Hollow Plastic Formwork Board and the traditional Plywood:

The Commercial Value of the Hollow Plastic Board

1. Higher economy benefit and lower average cost: a fresh new Hollow Plastic Board can be reused for more than 50-100 times. The turnover rate of the Hollow Plastic Formwork Board is times or even ten times more than the high quality Plywood.

2. It is more convenient, simple and high efficiency during the construction. A new Hollow Plastic Formwork Board is very easy to fit the Panel. It can be taken down by hands without the help of the machine. (Only a small spanner or hammer is needed. That makes the labors’ intensity much lower.) The labors can quickly move and turn the formwork with the simple system. And a experienced worker can fit 50-75 square meters each day. That saved the labor cost a lot. (It only needs to train the workers in very short time before construction. No experienced workers are needed. And only 50% of the workers are needed comparing with the steel panels.) 

3.The concrete surface is much better after the stripping mold. That lowered the whole cost a lot. The surface of the concrete is much more smooth by using the Hollow Plastic Formwork Board. And it meets the demand of the Fair-faced concrete. No plaster is needed(or even very little plaster is not needed). That saves the cost of the plaster. And it also reduces the work of the masonry, drilling, closing and wet work.

The Commercial Value of the Hollow Plastic Board

4.Reducing the usage of the large machine. The truck is only needed when the Hollow Plastic Formwork Board getting in and out of the site. No lift or tower crane is needed. It can be transferred by hands.It improves the whole site working efficiency and lowered the potential safety risk.It will not be rusty or fire risk.

5.Lower carbon emission reduction and higher recycled value: The Hollow Plastic Formwork Board is recycled. It can be reproduced and reused. The is no rubbish left after installing( there is no seam or seepage). The construction environment is safe, clean, and can meet the demand of the resource saving, environment protection, lower carbon of the construction. Even the abandoned formwork is selling as the rubbish, the value is higher. (The recycled rate is 30% to 50%.)

The Commercial Value of the Hollow Plastic Board

6.Various sizes and widely using: Hollow Plastic Formwork Board can be signed as different demand. Different shapes and sizes to meet various buildings. Even the standard plate, can be cut as demand.

More and more construction site choose to use the Hollow Plastic Formwork Board because of the obviously advantages. The commercial value of the Hollow Plastic Formwork Board is irreplaceable.