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What Should I Do If the Scaffold is Rusted?

Apr. 03, 2020

The various uses of Scaffolding U Jack are indispensable in our lives. With the development of many aspects nowadays, the brand-new use of each different Scaffolding has brought us. It has a whole new value of development, application, and change. The use of Scaffolding has become an important product for our diverse existence and the construction of an overall social city. At present, the use of various Scaffolding in high-altitude construction operations, various types of Scaffolding is common. With Scaffolding, construction can run more smoothly. At the same time, this is also the significance of the existence of scaffolding manufacturers. However, since it is working at height, the safety of construction personnel working at height must be guaranteed. This requires that the relevant safety measures for operating the Scaffolding be well grasped by each construction personnel.

After the scaffold is used, it should be returned to the warehouse in time, sorted and stored, and regularly treated for rust prevention. If the corrosion of the scaffold will cause a fracture or even damage, it can not be used in the project, which increases the construction cost. What are the rust prevention methods of the scaffold?

First of all, the whole cold galvanized or hot galvanized method can be adopted. Its main feature is that it requires no maintenance in the later stage, and its use is unlimited. The difference is that the corresponding cost of hot-dip galvanizing is relatively high, and the service life is about ten years. Although the overall cold-galvanized life is only five years, the cost is moderate, which meets the service life of the scaffold, so it is put into more use in the market.



Another method is to spray rust-proof paint. The primary process is to spray the rust-proof paint on the Scaffolding Chain Pins or immerse the scaffold in color. It is required to repaint the paint every 1-2 years, and the subsequent maintenance work is correspondingly more. Because this method is less expensive, it is also used by more options. The main accessories of anti-rust paint mobile scaffolding technology are divided into two types: invasion scaffolding and anti-rust spray paint brushes. Invasion scaffolding is to place the Scaffolding outside the paint pool and then take it out to dry. The surface of the sprayed Scaffolding is treated with sprayed anti-rust paint. Anti-rust paint scaffolding requires 1-2 years of external anti-rust paint maintenance, but the consumption cost is relatively low. Therefore, the rusting of the scaffold is not terrible. Taking specific measures in a timely manner and doing the relevant disposal tasks can cause the equipment to lose corresponding maintenance and increase the damage. Other Accessories of Scaffolding can also use this method.

Our company's scaffold is coated with a layer of magnetic anti-rust paint during production, which effectively prevents the building from being corroded and rusted, and effectively protects the service life of the building. Only after the maintenance work is done, the use of Scaffolding can last longer and create more economic benefits.