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A Tip To The Builders Who Use Unqualified Plastic Building Formwork Blindly

Aug. 14, 2019

Here is a professional factory talking about a tip to the builders who use unqualified plastic building formwork blindly.

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Plastic Formwork

Plastic Formwork

In the past two years, a variety of Plastic Formwork Board has appeared in the domestic market. With the extensive use of plastic building formworks, everyone recognizes that plastic building formworks are an inevitable product to replace steel molds, wood plywood and bamboo formwork, and plastic formworks are the development direction of future building formworks.

There are nearly 100 plastic building formwork manufacturers in the country, but the materials for producing plastic building formworks are different. In order to help all builders to choose correctly, a rough analysis of the composition and performance of several plastic building formworks on the market is made. To remind all builders who use plastic building formworks to avoid unnecessary losses caused by blind selection.

The first type is “Wood-plastic building formwork”, which consists of the worst waste plastic PP, ABS, PVC, PE, etc., which is mixed with wood powder or straw powder as filler. The builders call it a garbage template. Although the price of the template is cheap, its drawback are it will deform under the Summer sunlight. In the winter, the nail is cracked at 0 °C, and the mold is easily broken when the mold is released. It cannot reuse work in the Winter.

The second type is “fly ash plastic building formwork”, which consists of the worst waste plastics PP, PE, PVC, ABS, etc., the fillings are fly ash, stone powder and so on. This type template has same drawbacks with the first type of wood plastic template. The biggest weakness is that the thermal stability is not good. When the summer temperature is over 30°, the concrete pouring is easy to have a wave type. The cost of wood is also increasing as well as the worker wages. And also it reusable time is only 15 times.

The third type is “GMT plastic building formwork” (GMT referred to as glass fiber), which consists of medium waste plastic pp, PE, PVC, ABS, etc. The filling is made of three layers of fiberglass cloth. This type of template is heavier, and the glass fiber is very itchy when it on the skin. Meanwhile, the material is non-recyclable , it only can reuse 25 times.

All of the above plastic building formworks can not reach to the advanced level of international plastic molding. All builders know that domestic plastic building formworks was appeared in the market in the past two years, while foreign countries used plastic building formworks before 2000. At present, some of the "plastic building formwork" manufacturers in China cannot meet the requirements of construction. Blind builders do not know the different of the plastic formworks. The result is deceived. It is a great economic loss.

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