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What Should Be Aware Of When Using Plastic Building Form Work?

Aug. 08, 2019

Eco-friendly Hollow Plastic Building Form Work is a very good new building material, today we will introduce the use of plastic building templates!

Plastic Form Work Board

Plastic Form Work Board

The precautions of Plastic Form Work For Construction as below:

1. Like the wooden building form work, it is transported to the construction site and stacked on the flat.

2. No oil need to be used before use.

3. When the cast-in-place plate is used, the distance between the keels is 30-40cm.

4. The end hole of the board must be sealed with a replacement.

5, the length of the nail should not be too long, generally 30-35mm or so.

6, nail nail strength should be moderate.

7. When demolishing the mold, it must be carried out from the small piece at one end, and the building template should be demolished while dismantling the support to prevent large areas from falling, and do not let the corners fall perpendicularly to the ground.

8. The building form work can be used together with various material boards such as wood (bamboo) plywood.

Some of the above precautions must be noted in the use of Plastic Form Work Board, today, the precautions for the use of plastic templates will be introduced here! If you want to buy a quality plastic template, please contact us!