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Advantages Of Plastic Steel Chairs

Nov. 02, 2019

Plastic rebar chair as the Building Plastic Template has the following aliases: plastic rebar support, plastic rebar spacer, plastic wheel rebar support, plastic wheel rebar spacer. Plastic rebar chair is mainly used in reinforced concrete components and reinforced concrete projects. After demoulding, there is no scar on the surface of the concrete protective layer, which can ensure the standardization of the protective layer, play the role of beautiful project and ensure the quality of the project.

Compared with the traditional cement plastic spacer, the plastic rebar spacer has the following advantages:

1. It is convenient to use. The plastic rebar chair is fixed on the reinforcement directly by means of cards and sleeves, without binding, which improves the working efficiency.

2. The plastic rebar chair is connected with the reinforcement through the bayonet, which is not easy to displace, and the support is stable and not easy to fall off.

Advantages Of Plastic Steel Chairs

Plastic Rebar Chair

3. It can effectively improve the quality of the project, unify the specifications of plastic rebar chair, and the same as the Concrete Reinforcing Rebar Support Chairs, control the thickness of the protective layer through the height of plastic rebar spacer in use, and overcome the common defects of exposed reinforcement, cracking, skew, displacement of reinforcement framework and uneven protective layer in concrete engineering.

4. Polymer polymerization technology is usually used for plastic rebar chair the rebar chair is light in weight, small in volume and high in strength. Generally, its tensile and compressive strength is higher than 4.ompa, and it can bear the walking of construction personnel and general construction load without fracture. At the same time, it has good compatibility with Plastic Formwork For Concrete and will not affect the structure.

5. The cost is low, so the construction unit can directly order from the manufacturer according to the design requirements, instead of making mortar and bracket by specially assigned person, which saves manpower and materials; according to the comprehensive calculation of slab, beam and column, the cost per square building area is only a few cents, and the increase of artificial materials made by specially assigned person is very few.

6. The plastic rebar spacer has the characteristics of standardization, finalization and universality. In the production process, it is operated according to the national standard, the mold is finalization, the size and strength are unified, and the thickness of the protective layer can be adjusted by adjusting different placement angles, which reduces the thickness unevenness caused by human factors.

Plastic rebar spacer is mainly used for building construction, port and wharf, subway tunnel, civil air defense engineering, railway, expressway, bridge, airport and other reinforced concrete engineering construction. It can also be applied to various precast beams, cast-in-place box beams, T beams, plate beams, square beams, columns, pier caps, sinking platforms and other concrete components.