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Aluminum Template Fittings Manufacturers Introduce The Advantages Of Aluminum Diaphragm

Aug. 27, 2019

The Aluminium Formwork is light in weight, only 25 kg per square meter. It can be manually handled and assembled and disassembled. It can be used for integral pouring or secondary pouring without a large heavy machinery. It can be used in a wide range. The aluminum formwork is made of recyclable high-strength aluminum alloy material, which can be completely recycled, basically eliminating and eliminating the dependence and waste of building construction on wood resources.

At the same time, the pre-construction design and pre-assembly of the factory, the aluminum formwork can be used only at a small modification or even without modification, and the process basically does not produce construction waste and noise. Therefore, aluminum formwork not only saves energy and reduces emissions, but also is one of the important driving factors for modern green building construction.

Plastic Formwork System

Plastic Formwork System

Because aluminum formwork has the advantages of light weight, high strength, large format, less joints, more reuse, simple construction process, quick on-site installation, basically no construction waste, recyclable value and comprehensive economic benefits, nearly two The market share of aluminum molds has increased significantly. Especially since the concept of green construction has been proposed, aluminum formwork has become a promising template in the construction field.

The concrete wall formed by the aluminum formwork is smooth and smooth, basically reaches the level of clear water concrete, and the qualified rate of the structural size can reach 100%, which can reduce the decoration cost of the building surface while ensuring the quality of the project. Low carbon emission reduction, all materials of Aluminum Formwork System are renewable materials, in line with national regulations on energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction of construction projects.

1. Long service life and low cost. The normal use of aluminum alloy template can reach more than 150 times, while the price of aluminum alloy template is only 75% of the price of all steel template. The amortization fee is 30% less than the total steel template. the above.

2. Simple support: The aluminum alloy template adopts independent support, and the operation space is large, the personnel pass, the material handling is smooth, and the site is easy to manage.

3. Good stability and high bearing capacity. The bearing capacity of most aluminum formwork systems can reach 60kn per square meter, which is enough to meet the bearing capacity requirements of most residential buildings.

4. A wide range of applications. The aluminum formwork is suitable for the use of walls, horizontal slabs, stairs, window sills, floating boards, etc. It is also useful for secondary structural support such as ring beams, structural columns, and anti-canons.

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