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The Role Of Plastic Hollow Board In Greenhouse Cultivation

Aug. 17, 2019

Hollow Plastic Building Formwork has many applications in buildings and are also used in bridge construction. However, there are some common problems in the construction, which will affect the structural performance and performance of the bridge, so it must be paid attention to during construction.

At the same time, Plastic Formwork Board is widely used in various industries due to their moisture, water and corrosion resistance. Today, even in agriculture, plastic hollow boards are indispensable for the growth of flowers, vegetables and other greenhouse plants. So how does it protect greenhouse crops?

Hollow Plastic Building Formwork

Hollow Plastic Building Formwork

First of all, we know that greenhouse flowers are light, cold, plastic hollow boards have a high light transmittance, which provides light and heat conditions for flowers, and hollow boards can also selectively pass ultraviolet rays, which can avoid excessive ultraviolet damage to flowers.

Secondly, in order to maintain the healthy growth of flowers and vegetables in the greenhouse, most of the greenhouse covering materials are currently made of glass or other materials with low thermal insulation properties, which easily lead to heat loss in the greenhouse, which is the growth of plants. The PP hollow board on the market now has excellent thermal insulation properties, can play a good thermal insulation function, and create a better environment for plants.

People who like to plant flowers and other plants know that every little sunshine means another part of the plant's growth, so if you want to grow flowers and nurture you, you'd better use such new products in your planting.

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