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How to Distinguish the Quality of Plastic Templates?

Feb. 29, 2020

In the process of sustained economic development, the degree of urbanization has continued to deepen, and the process of urbanization has also accelerated, which has strongly promoted the development of China's construction engineering industry. During the construction process, due to changes in the building structure and the overall building form, the construction of the main body of the project brought certain difficulties.

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of Plastic Formwork, a variety of plastic template companies have sprung up in the market, and the products they produce are also diverse, and the quality is also good and bad, which is daunting. So, as a customer who touches a plastic template for the first time, how to identify whether a certain plastic template is good or bad? Now the Plastic Building Fittings supplier will explain a few intuitive ways to consider the quality of a template.

Plastic Formwork

Plastic Formwork

First, look at the intensity

In many online promotion videos, there are hammer crushing templates, forklift pressing templates, and trailer pressing templates. In fact, including the data listed in the inspection report, it is very difficult to convince people of the true compressive strength and toughness of a plastic template. In fact, a template is placed in front of your eyes, and the quality of the compressive strength can be felt by the eyes. Some inferior boards can see significant bending even in an upright position, so you can predict how strong it will be. To further examine its strength, it is necessary to use it once to obtain more reliable data. When is it used? How to assess his strength? It is very easy. Under the same building construction conditions as the wooden mold, the adjustment of the spacing of the back corrugation will ultimately achieve the actual effect of the formation, which can intuitively prove the strength of the formwork. In the market, some plastic templates that overemphasize the back flute spacing to 10 or even less, the strength is obvious?

Second, whether the high temperature is deformed

As we all know, the natural environment of the construction of the construction site is quite complex and uncontrollable. The weather element is a key factor that interferes with the natural environment of the construction site. The formwork itself is also greatly disturbed by the weather. A good product is a universal product that can adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, and a good plastic template is actually the same. According to the understanding of various plastic templates in the market, after discussion with the workers at the construction site, it is learned that many plastic formwork nowadays will deform under high temperature and under unused conditions, which seriously affects the construction quality . And high-temperature deformed plastic formwork is difficult to meet building construction. Therefore, whether it is deformed at high temperature (distortion that interferes with the construction of the building) is also one of the factors for assessing the quality of a certain formwork.

The above is the Scaffolding Accessories supplier introduced to you how to judge the plastic template, I hope to help everyone.