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Advantages of Plastic Formwork

Feb. 22, 2020

Plastic template is an energy-saving product, which can be divided into: polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, acryl-butadiene-styrene, high-density polyethylene, and so on. Plastic plastic formwork is a new type of energy-saving product, which is welcomed by more and more people. It can replace traditional plastic formwork and is suitable for many occasions. The following Scaffolding Accessories supplier will tell you what are the advantages of plastic plastic templates.

1. The plastic template is easy to demold. Concrete does not stick to the mold surface, no mold release agent is required, and it is easy to demold and easy to clean.

2. Smooth and clean. Formwork splicing is tight and smooth. The aesthetic appearance and finish of the concrete structure surface after demolding all meet the technical requirements of the existing clean water formwork, no secondary plastering is required, saving labor and time.

3. Simple construction. The wood plastic formwork is light in weight and strong in workability. It can be sawed, planed, nailed, and other accessories can be freely formed into multiple geometric shapes to meet the needs of various shapes of building support.

4. Diversified sizes. The specifications and thickness of the WPC formwork can be customized according to the needs of the construction project.

5. PVC plastic template is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, cold-resistant, high-temperature resistant, flame-retardant, waterproof and impact resistant.

6 . High strength, light weight, good toughness, strong elasticity, small expansion coefficient, can be sawed, planed, nailed.

7. The surface is smooth and smooth, repeated use 50 to 100 times or more, no need to brush the release agent, easy to release, reduce construction costs and reduce costs.

8. Safe construction and transportation, low labor intensity and high construction efficiency.

9. The used templates can be recycled, which is in line with the basic national policy of a conservation-oriented society.

10. The plastic template can be used together with a variety of materials such as wood (bamboo) plywood.

11. Stable weather resistance. WPC formwork has high strength, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, damage resistance, no deformation during construction, stable size, alkali and corrosion resistance, waterproof and flame retardant.

Plastic Formwork

Plastic Formwork

What is the application of plastic formwork in the industry?

When Plastic Formwork is installed horizontally, it is best to use a steel ruler to measure the building plastic formwork, nail 3-4 small nails around the uniform height, and put the steel belt on the nail when the steel belt is loaded, and it can be maintained Installation level of steel belt.

Building plastic formwork is an indispensable important product in the construction field. Its practicability and safety and the reliability of building plastic formwork are bound to bring relative effects to users who use it. When making a template, in order to make the product you purchased qualified and have quality assurance, you must carefully check the template product, and carefully ask the manufacturer about its reliability, use effect and indistinctness. The production process and manufacturing level are inspected to ensure that the excellent use effect can be achieved without causing deviations in the project. After the building plastic formwork is closed and reinforced, the bottom circular plane should be spaced 0.5-1cm away from the ground as far as possible, and the concrete should be used for caulking.

At the construction site, plastic formwork should be stored on a flat, dry ground with no less than 3 pieces of 10 * 10cm horizontal wooden supports at the bottom to avoid storing it in a place of temperature and humidity. When installing the screws, the tightness of each screw must be consistent, so as to ensure the consistency of the tightness of the steel strip and the safety of the construction. Try to unify the pillars with unified personal reinforcement screws.