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The strongest argument in history: the price of wood formwork is low, using of wood formwork can save money compare to plastic formwork?

May. 08, 2020

As the representative of traditional building formwork, wood formwork is widely used in construction because of its low cost. As the battle of low-carbon, eco-friendly and energy-efficient, the new alloy hollow plastic building templates will replace the wooden one, and questions still remain, most people who have used plastic templates ask," why would plastic templates save more money ?" Now on the above points, we compare and analyze the wooden panels and plastic panels in the construction!

1.Green Energy Conservation

Wood formwork: The use of wood formwork during the vigorous development of the construction industry, the damage to forest resources is amazing, and after using 5-12 times, it can only be scrapped. Plastic template: taking material from recyclable plastic, after reuse 50-100 times, can be recycled by the factory with a high price, there is no waste of resources, for the buyer’s side, not only low cost but also effective protection of the environment.

Wood Formwork

2. Light, safe and fast

Wood formwork: rough workmanship, assembly process messy, no systematic installation method, construction workers assemble by feeling, they need rework if there are a little mistake, waste manpower, and material costs. Plastic formwork: lightweight, full specifications, low labor intensity, female construction personnel can be individually constructed.

Wood Formwork

3.Quality reliable

Wood formwork: not wear-resistant, corrosive poor, can only withstand 40 degrees of exposure, and after scoured by rain, the surface of the formwork will become extremely slippery, affecting the progress of construction. plastic formwork: impact resistance, high corrosion resistance, not easy to deform, and can withstand nearly 80-degree exposure and will not affect the progress of construction, the rain will not cause too much impact on it, workers can work as usual.

Wood Formwork

4.Price, times of reuse

Wood templates: the market price is 7-9 dollars,1-1.5 dollars per square meter, can be used 5-10 times under normal weather if exposed to the sun or rain erosion, the maximum turnover of about 5 times. 

Plastic template: about $20 a piece, can be reused 50-100 times, the share is about 0.2-0.3 dollars per square meter, construction efficiency is more than 10 times compared to the wood mold under the same workload.

At first glance, it seems that plastic templates are more expensive than wood templates, but they are not. The overall comparison shows that the cost of plastic templates is only one-fifth of that of wood templates. New hollow plastic building formwork as a representative of new things, its development is bound to go through setbacks and obstacles, more than a decade ago, steel formwork alone dominate the building formwork market, more than a decade later, wood formwork successfully occupied half of the mountain, now, plastic formwork up against the wind, a unique situation of the bamboo, wood, steel formwork will no longer exist, plastic formwork is bound to use the momentum of tension head-on chase, and then change the existing pattern of the formwork market, let us wait and see!

Wood Formwork