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Some Maintenance Considerations Of Template Fastener

Oct. 08, 2019

Find here details of Water Stop Tie Rod on our website. Today we would like to talk about some maintenance considerations of template fastener.

Formwork Accessories

Formwork Accessories

Fasteners are a kind of mechanical parts used for fastening and widely used. In order to prevent some problems of fasteners, the fasteners are regularly maintained and maintained to ensure the normal operation of the machinery. Here's a look at the precautions for the maintenance of the template fasteners shared by a professional factory who can supply you with Formwork Accessories.

1. Contamination caused by rinsing: After quenching, the fastener needs to be cleaned with silicate cleaning agent and then rinsed, so it should be very careful during rinsing to prevent residue.

2. Unreasonable stacking of fasteners: After tempering, the fasteners will show signs of discoloration. After soaking with ether, there may be oily residue, indicating that the fastener surface is not clean. The analysis indicates that the fasteners are stacked unreasonably when heated, resulting in slight oxidation of the fasteners in the quenching oil.

3. Surface residue: There is a white residue on the high-strength screw, which is analyzed by the instrument and confirmed to be a phosphide. This reaction was caused by the fact that the acid cleaner was not cleaned and the rinse tank was not thoroughly inspected.

4. Alkali burn: high-strength screw quenching residual heat black with a uniform, flat oil black outer surface. It was detected as caused by alkali burns. Therefore, the steel fasteners cannot remove the surface alkaline substances in the quenching oil, thereby causing the surface to burn at a high temperature and aggravating the damage during tempering. It is recommended to thoroughly clean and rinse the fasteners prior to heat treatment to completely remove alkaline residues that cause burns to the fasteners.

5. Improper rinsing: For large-size fasteners, the polymer solution is often quenched. Before quenching, it is cleaned and rinsed with an alkaline cleaner. After quenching, the fasteners are rusted on the inside. Therefore, it is necessary to change the rinsing water frequently to ensure that the fastener will not rust during rinsing.

6. Excessive rust: High-strength fasteners often see some black streaks. This black streak is a contaminant of surface residues. It is a quenching oil that has been dried and is the evolution of gas phase during quenching. Because the quenching oil is excessively aged, it is recommended to add new oil.

The above is the matters needing attention in the daily maintenance of fasteners, I hope to help everyone.

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