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What Are The Requirements For Quality Management Of Aluminum Formwork Accessories?

Sep. 06, 2019

Today we would like to talk about the requirements for quality management of aluminum formwork accessories in the Aluminium Formwork System.

Aluminum Formwork Accessories

Aluminum Formwork Accessories

In order to produce a good quality aluminum formwork, there will be great requirements for the quality of the material or the quality of the auxiliary Aluminum Formwork Accessories. With the most direct management elements, under the premise of ensuring the most basic quality management and quality assurance, building aluminum formwork accessories, we bring everyone to understand the quality management requirements of the aluminum formwork accessories?

1. Adhere to the “three-inspection system”: the project quality objectives have been established and must be fully implemented during the construction process. Adhere to the "self-inspection, special inspection, handover inspection" system, and never leave problems and hidden dangers to the next process. The construction quality of each type of work, process, and sub-projects, as well as material entry, construction test, drawing change, processing order, construction plan and technical measures are strictly enforced to facilitate early detection of problems and timely resolution of problems.

2. Adhere to the quality regular meeting system: At regular or irregular meetings, we will adhere to the quality work arrangement while arranging the production plan. Regular quality meetings are held regularly, and construction site production managers and full-time quality inspectors present quality dynamic reports, research and develop quality work plans and countermeasures.

3. adhere to the license system: special posts (measurement, testing, etc.) relevant personnel must be trained to obtain a certificate of competency and the post of employment certificate.

Generally, it can meet the quality assurance of the technology when it is adhered to the job. The management requirements of the aluminum template fittings manufacturer are described above to ensure the quality of the aluminum template!

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