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what Are The Advantages of Plastic Templates?

Oct. 30, 2020

The plastic formwork is a composite material which is extruded through high temperature 200°C on the basis of digesting and absorbing European advanced equipment manufacturing technology and half-high processing experience based on advanced products and process technology. Plastic Construction Formworkis an energy-saving and green product. It is another new generation product after wood formwork, combined steel formwork, bamboo and wood veneer formwork and all-steel large formwork.

At present, the commonly used template types are wood formwork, steel formwork, Aluminum-Plastic Formwork, bamboo glue board formwork, wood plywood formwork, Practical Hollow Plastic Building Formwork, etc. The plastic formwork belongs to a new type of plastic building formwork and is an energy-saving green environmental protection product. The application of plastic formwork can realize the use of plastic to replace wood and plastic to replace steel. It is an important measure to save resources and has broad development prospects. At present, it has been widely used in construction engineering and bridge engineering, and has achieved good results.

Plastic Templates

Plastic Templates

So what are the advantages of Plastic Templates?

(1) The board surface is smooth and smooth, and it can be used for clear water concrete, eliminating the need for the second plastering of the wall, saving time and labor.

(2) Light weight, the weight per square meter is about 9.5 kg, the mold is easy to remove, the construction operation and handling are safe and reliable, and the construction is convenient.

(3) High turnover rate, 40 to 50 times of turnover, low cost of use, long life, and can be recycled.

(4) Demoulding is quick and easy, easy to clean and keep clean.

(5) It does not shrink, does not wet, does not crack, and does not deform at temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees to minus 60 degrees.

(6) Good water resistance.

(7) Strong plasticity.