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You Will Be Eliminated If You Don not Understand Plastic Templates

Dec. 11, 2019

With the progress of the times, advocating green construction has become the current direction of urban building development. In recent years, under the background of new urbanization, ecological civilization construction and the new normal of economic development in the construction field, green new hollow Plastic Construction Formwork with significant energy saving and emission reduction has great promise in the application of concrete casting. In the past, bamboo formwork, wood formwork, and steel formwork have been used more frequently. With the advocacy and promotion of China's energy saving, environmental protection and low-carbon economy, the rapid development of green buildings has become an important part of improving the quality and efficiency of the construction industry today. All construction businessmen locked their eyes on the "new hollow plastic building template"!

You Will Be Eliminated If You Don not Understand Plastic Templates

Plastic Construction Formwork

The following Formwork Tie Rod System suppliers analyze and compare several building template types:

In the 1950s, wooden formwork was more common in Chinese construction. The wood formwork has a complicated manufacturing process and heavy weight. Its reinforcement accessories are cumbersome, the subsequent process is messy, the construction is inconvenient, and more labor is needed. A lot of wood is wasted. Low, easy to be corroded by rain, short life.

In the 1980s, steel formwork replaced wood formwork. The steel formwork has a high repetition rate, but it is large and cumbersome. It requires multiple people and machinery to cooperate with the operation. The construction is not convenient, the labor cost is extremely high, and it is easy to cause construction safety problems, high danger, and low construction efficiency.

Due to the high cost of steel formwork, in the 1990s, it was proposed to replace the steel formwork with bamboo plastic formwork. Bamboo glue formwork requires two processes of drilling and nailing. It is not environmentally friendly, has a short service life, is easy to corrode, has many reinforcing parts, has a low number of repeated uses, and has limited resources of bamboo and wood, which does not meet the requirements of national green development.

Aluminium Formwork has also been used in the field of building construction in recent years. After the aluminum alloy template is formed, the surface is too smooth, which causes difficulties in the subsequent painting process and increases the construction cost. In addition, the template has severe hot and cold deformation, low rigidity, and it is easy to form template deformation, which affects the construction effect.

Compared with other material templates, the new hollow plastic building template has inherent advantages in terms of stability and bearing capacity. Its short construction period, wide application range, few seams, high accuracy, corrosion resistance and low time cost. At the same time, it can help construction units and workers to reduce construction intensity and safety risks.

In terms of cost, although the material is synthesized from plastic alloy modified materials, compared with steel templates, the new hollow plastic template has convenient turnover, which can be carried by only human labor, more turnovers, and lower single-use cost. At the same time, the new hollow plastic building formwork is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and more adaptable to the environment, so its service life is very considerable. In addition, its recycling rate is also very high, in line with national policies and regulations on energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction in building construction.

Because of this, in recent years, new hollow plastic building formwork has become more and more widely used in China. It not only fits the current green construction policy of China, but also circumvents the limitations of traditional formwork. With the application of new hollow plastic formwork by large-scale real estate companies such as Country Garden, Landsea, Evergrande, it has gradually received the attention and favor of more and more developers and construction units. It is believed that in the near future, new hollow plastic templates Plastic building formwork is bound to become the preferred product in the field of concrete pouring, and it is a required formwork product for more and more construction projects and construction traders.