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Common Knowledge For Safe Operation Of Scaffolding System

Dec. 16, 2019

The well-known scaffolding system in the construction industry is an irreplaceable product in the current construction industry and has unique industrial resource advantages. Because the installation and removal of this product is very simple, many installers have a series of safety accidents due to carelessness. Responsible investors usually check to find and stop some safety hazards, but the most important thing is to let all construction industry personnel have a comprehensive understanding of the common awareness of the safe operation of the scaffolding disk system. The following Plastic Construction Formwork suppliers introduce the precautions when using scaffolding.



1. The biggest benefit is that you can use the system scaffolding disk accessory to allow unlimited increase of the platform's erection, the first ground layer and the wall must stretch and compress the connection points.

2. When working at heights, do not overload the scaffolding system and do not allow personnel to work in one place or store items in one place. If high-altitude storage is indeed required, it must be transported and stored in batches as planned.

3. When installing and using the Scaffolding U Jack system, always check the tightness and firmness of the connection points. Although the product has an automatic locking function, because the shed is too high and there are still heavy objects stored, in order to prevent loosening and collapse, regular inspection and prevention are still required.

4. During the operation, care should be taken to clean up the materials falling on the scaffold surface at any time, keep the surface of the scaffold clean and tidy, and do not stack materials and tools, so as not to affect the safe operation or cause injury to the falling objects.

5. During prying, pulling, pushing, etc., pay attention to taking the correct position and fasten your seat belt to prevent unstable bodyguards in the fall, autumn, or losing things. When removing the formwork from the scaffolding, the holder shall take necessary measures to prevent the removal of material falling outside the frame.

6. When the surface of the scaffold is not high enough for padding, a stable and reliable method must be adopted. The height of the padding should not exceed 50cm, and safety protection facilities should be added. When it exceeds 50cm, it should be redesigned and approved according to procedures.

7. Material is transported by the operator on the surface of the scaffolding. Signals should be sent to other people in time. Note that the material should be placed gently. Do not use dumping, slamming or other hastily unloading methods.

In addition, Scaffolding Accessories should also pay attention to the corresponding problems in the construction, and the accessories are the concerns. 

1. When setting up a scaffold on a rainy or snowy day, remove snow and water from the surface of the scaffold to prevent it from slipping off.

2. When the height of the surface of the frame is insufficient and the height of the cushion is high, a stable and reliable method should be adopted; when the height of the cushion does not exceed 0.5m and 0.5m, the plating layer of the lifting frame should be set according to the regulations and the height of the working surface is too high Protective measures should be increased accordingly.

3. When transporting personnel who are working with materials on the rack, they should promptly send out a signal to pay attention. The materials should be stored lightly. Do not use hurried unloading methods such as dumping.

4. It is strictly forbidden to play on the surface of scaffolding, walk backwards and sit on the outer railing to rest. It is strictly forbidden to walk on the surface of scaffolding, to avoid physical imbalance when avoiding each other.

The above is the common sense of safe operation of scaffolding, I hope to help everyone.