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What Is Aluminum Formwork?

Dec. 03, 2019

Aluminium Formwork is called the aluminum alloy formwork for building. It is a new generation of formwork system after wood formwork and steel formwork. The aluminum template is designed according to the modulus, extruded by special equipment, and can be freely combined according to different structural sizes. The design, development and application of aluminum formwork is a major development in the construction industry. The application of the aluminum formwork system in the construction industry has improved the construction efficiency of housing construction projects, including construction materials and manual arrangements, which have greatly saved a lot.

Aluminum formwork is a building template made of aluminum alloy, also known as aluminum alloy formwork. It refers to the design and design according to the modulus. The aluminum formwork is made by extruding the special equipment. With a complete set of universal accessories, it can be assembled to form a complete overall formwork with different dimensions and complex dimensions, and a system template for assembly and industrial construction, which solves the defects of the traditional formwork in the past and greatly improves the construction efficiency. The design, development and application of aluminum formwork is a major development in the construction industry.

Aluminium Formwork Accessories

Aluminium Formwork Accessories

So what are the advantages of aluminum formwork? Suppliers of Plastic Construction Formwork will come to tell you.

The components of the aluminum formwork system need to be designed in accordance with the characteristics of the floor, and the ability of design technicians is high. About 80% of the modules in the aluminum formwork system can be recycled in multiple projects, while the remaining 20% can only be recycled in a class of standard floors. Therefore, the aluminum formwork system is suitable for super-high-rise buildings or multi-storey buildings with a high degree of standardization And villa complex. The following technical advantages are particularly reflected in regions with a high degree of urbanization:

1) Short construction period. The aluminum formwork system is a quick-release formwork system. The normal construction of a set of formwork can reach one level in four days, and the pipeline construction can be better carried out, which greatly improves the construction progress and saves management costs.

2) There are many times of repeated use, and the average use cost is low. The aluminum formwork system uses the aluminum alloy profile formed by the overall extrusion as the raw material, and a set of formwork can be used over 300 times for standard construction. The purchase price of a set of templates is amortized, which saves a lot of cost than traditional templates.

3) Convenient construction and high efficiency. The aluminum formwork system is simple and convenient to assemble, with an average weight of about 20kg. It is completely handled and assembled by hand without the assistance of any mechanical equipment. Moreover, the system design is simple, and the workers can get up to speed quickly. Skilled installers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day, greatly saving labor costs.

4) Good stability and high bearing capacity. The bearing capacity of most aluminum formwork systems can reach 60KN per square meter, which is sufficient to meet the supporting capacity requirements of most residential building groups.

5) Wide range of applications. Aluminum formwork is suitable for the use of walls, horizontal floors, columns, beams, stairs, windowsills, flaps, etc., and it is also useful for secondary structural support such as ring beams, structural columns, and anti-bumps.

6) Less joints, high precision, good concrete surface effect after demoulding. After demolishing the aluminum building formwork, the surface quality of the concrete is smooth and smooth, which can basically meet the requirements of facing and clear concrete, without the need for batching, which can save the batching costs.

7) The construction site has less waste and the supporting system is simple. Aluminium Formwork Accessories can be reused. After the construction is demolished, there is no garbage on site. The support system has a simple structure and is easy to remove. Therefore, the entire construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.

8) Strong standard and universality. There are many specifications of aluminum formwork, which can be assembled with different specifications according to the project. When the used formwork is used to rebuild a new building, only about 20 non-standard boards need to be replaced, which can reduce costs.

9) High recycling value. After the aluminum formwork is discarded, when the residual value of the waste treatment is high, the cost sharing advantage is obvious.

10) Low carbon emission reduction. All materials of the aluminum formwork system are renewable materials, which meet the national regulations on energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction of construction projects.