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What Is Scaffolding?

Nov. 20, 2019

Scaffolding is a working platform set up to ensure the smooth progress of each construction process. According to the position of the erection, it can be divided into external scaffolding and scaffolding; according to different materials, it can be divided into wooden scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding and steel scaffolding; according to the structure, it is divided into vertical scaffolding, bridge scaffolding, door scaffolding and suspended scaffolding. Hanging scaffolding, picking scaffolding, climbing scaffolding.



So how to use scaffolding correctly to ensure safety? Scaffolding Coupler suppliers will come to tell you.

1. Set up high-rise scaffolding, all materials must meet the quality requirements.

2, the foundation of the high-level scaffolding must be firm, calculated before the erection, meet the load requirements, and set up according to the construction specifications, do drainage measures.

3. Technical requirements for scaffolding erection shall comply with relevant regulations.

4, must attach great importance to a variety of structural measures: scissors support, pull knots, etc. should be set as required.

5, horizontal closure: from the first step, every step or step, full of scaffolding or scaffolding, scaffolding along the long direction, the joints should be placed on the small crossbar overlap, no short board is strictly prohibited. And the system of safety and security is laid every four steps between the pole and the wall.

6. Vertical sealing: From the second step to the fifth step, each step needs to set 1.00m high protective sample railings and footrests or set up the net on the inner side of the outer row of poles, and the protective rods (net) and the poles are fastened; In the fifth step or above, in addition to the protective barriers, all safety or safety nets shall be provided; in the streets or inhabited areas, the safety and safety nets shall be provided from the second step.

7. The scaffolding should be set above 1.5m above the top of the building or the operating surface, and additional enclosures should be added.

8. Scaffolding Accessories such as steel pipes, fasteners, scaffolding boards and connection points must not be removed at will. When necessary during construction, it must be approved by the person in charge of the construction site and take effective measures. Immediately after the completion of the process, it will be resumed.

9. Before the scaffolding is used, the person in charge of the construction site shall organize the inspection and acceptance, and the inspection and acceptance shall be completed and the inspection form shall be filled out before use. During the construction process, professional management, inspection and warranty should be carried out, and settlement observation should be carried out regularly. If abnormalities are found, reinforcement measures should be taken in time.

10. When the scaffolding is removed, the connection with the building should be checked first, and the remaining materials and debris on the scaffold should be cleaned, from top to bottom, according to the order of pre-installation, post-installation, and dismantling. The material should be transferred downwards or lifted to the ground in a uniform manner. It is forbidden to use the step-and-step method. It is strictly forbidden to throw it down or use the method of pushing (pulling) to remove it.

11, set up the scaffolding, should set up the warning zone, and send a special person to guard. In case of more than six winds and bad weather, the scaffolding should be stopped.

12. For the foundation requirements, when the foundation is not flat, please use the base foot to achieve balance. The foundation must have the ability to withstand scaffolding and pressure during work.

13. Safety belts must be attached to the construction of staff and high-altitude work. Install a safety net around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and injuring others.

14. The components and accessories of scaffolding are strictly prohibited from falling and hitting during transportation and storage. When lapping, disassembling, it is strictly forbidden to throw from high places. When disassembling, it should be operated from top to bottom.

15. Pay attention to safety during use. It is strictly forbidden to play on the rack to prevent accidents.