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What Is The Business Value Of Plastic Templates?

Nov. 25, 2019

With the rapid development of urban construction, the concept of green environmental protection has become popular. In recent years, the rapid development of recyclable resources has reached its peak. At present, how to save resources from multiple aspects has become a hot topic. As the current urban construction, the formwork must be used as a building material product in concrete pouring. It should be deeply excavated for its potential characteristics of green, environmental protection and energy saving, and contribute to the promotion of high-quality development of green buildings. The emergence and promotion of Plastic Construction Formwork as a typical scientific research product of "replacing wood with plastic" not only solves the problem of shortage of forest resources and white garbage pollution, but also fundamentally brings higher economics to construction and social benefits, thus becoming the preferred template for many engineering projects!

Plastic Construction Formwork

Plastic Construction Formwork

Now, follow us Formwork Tie Rod System suppliers,we will take a look at the advantages of plastic formwork compared to traditional formwork:

1. Many turnovers and low use cost:

A set of new hollow plastic formwork can be used repeatedly for more than 150-200 times. The average cost is low. With the current market and construction technology, the new hollow plastic formwork can be turned around 50 times to the cost of using a wooden formwork. Many aspects address environmental issues.

2.Convenient, simple and efficient construction:

The new hollow plastic formwork system is easy to assemble and can be dismantled manually, without the assistance of mechanical equipment (only a wrench or a small hammer is required, and low labor intensity), and the system design is simple, and workers can get up to speed quickly and the template can be flipped quickly. Skilled installers can install 50-75 square meters per person per day, which greatly saves labor costs (compared with steel molds: only 50% of steel mold installers are required, no skilled workers are needed, and only simple construction workers need to be installed before installation Training is sufficient).

3. The effect of the concrete surface is good after demoulding, reducing the overall cost:

After the construction of the new hollow plastic formwork, the quality of the concrete surface is smooth and smooth, which can meet the requirements of finishes and clear water concrete, without the need for plastering (or thin plastering), which can save plastering costs. At the same time, the workload of masonry, chiseling, closing and wet operations is reduced, the degree of civilized construction is high, and the comprehensive cost is significantly reduced.

4, reduce the use of large equipment, high degree of civilized construction:

The new hollow plastic formwork only uses trucks when entering and exiting the site. It is manually transported by hand without the cooperation of machinery such as cranes and towers, which improves the overall production efficiency of the project, reduces potential safety hazards, does not rust, and has no hidden fire hazards.

5. Low carbon emission reduction and high recycling value:

The new plastic formwork is renewable and can be reused. After the demolishing, there is no garbage on the site (the template has no joints and no leakage), and the construction environment is safe, clean, and tidy, which meets the requirements of building energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, and emission reduction. After the template is discarded, when the residual value of the waste treatment is high, the cost sharing advantage is obvious (the recovery rate is about 30% -50%).

6. Standards and strong universality:

The new plastic formwork can be customized according to the requirements of the construction project to the required type, shape and specifications to meet the needs of various buildings.

7, support system is few and convenient:

The new plastic template support mold has relatively few supporting rods on the site. Together with Formwork Accessories, the operation space is large, the personnel is passing, the material handling is smooth, and the site is easy to manage.

8. Node optimization:

Reduce secondary construction, one-time molding, and reduce secondary costs.

With the spread of the advantages of the new building formwork, more and more construction sites have independently selected this type of building material products for construction