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How to easily fix a Aluminium Formwork in America?

May. 04, 2021

How to easily fix a Aluminium Formwork in America?

The America Aluminium Formwork is much different with the Asia using. It normally needs lots of small parts to fix. The main parts are certainly the Wall Ties and Pins. How do these parts work? Follow me and have a look.

Firstly, the basic particle should be the Wall Tie. Nominal Tie and Full Tie. What is the difference between this two kinds of Wall Ties? They look almost the same from the feature. For example, Wall ties used in the forming of cast-in-place concrete walls are made in nominal or full dimensions. An 8-inch nominal wall tie does not measure a full 8 inches in width and therefore, when used, will not result in an 8-inch thick concrete wall. An 8-inch full wall tie, as the name implies, does measure a full 8 inches and will result in an 8-inch thick concrete wall. Therefore, nominal size wall ties are not acceptable, full dimension wall ties are required.


Secondly, we need the Wedge Pin. Flat Head Pin, Round Head Pin and Combo Filler Pin. The three kinds of Pins are easily can be separated from one to another. And what to makes the Pins workable is the Wedge. There are two kinds of Wedges. One is Flat Wdge and another one is Curved Wedge.


And Thirdly we need the Wedgeless Waller and the Bracket.

It seems quite easy to know each parts to be used. But it is really a huge work to build. However, as we know A thousand-li journey begins with the first step. Lets learn more of the basic items of the buildings before we learn to be a great builder.